The Monster say: Hi, welcome on my Randomizer App. What’s up? If you want to Randomize Something, then wait on the ? entry of me.

OK, you want more Information:

My Name:

My Problem: I’m addicted to Randomize Things

My Age: My birthday was in the Night from 26. to 27.11.2020

My Dreams: Randomize Everywhere, Everything to Every time

My Friends: ? Scoreboard.Rocks & ? my first contacts

Ok, now i ask you? You need a special Randomizing? You have a nice Randomizing Idea? You have found a ? Bug? You want put your shit on me? Please stay friendly and tell me, how can i help you, write your message in the ⬜ Box and click the post horn.

You can also write me an E-Mail: Don’t wait of my answer, it’s more magic insight, if you dont thing about it all the time.

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